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Directorate for Evaluation and Accreditation

Directorate for Evaluation
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The Directorate of Evaluation and Accreditation (DEVA) developes and manages the different programmes directed towards the promotion of the evaluation systems of quality assurance at university institutions. DEVA reviews the Andalusian education, centres, training programmes and university institutions.

With regard to training programmes, DEVA is the competent evaluation body to conduct verification and modification, follow-up and accreditation of University official Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees.

Additionally, DEVA also reviews programmes for Institutional evaluation such as IMPLANTA, Institutional Accreditation, certification procedures for recognition of foreign languages proficiency and the authorisation of universities and centres.

The evaluation programme of university staff teaching activity, is jointly conducted with the rest of quality assurance Agencies.

The area of universities collaborates with the Andalusian Universities on the evaluation of innovation projects through the management of the Bank of Evaluators of Innovation.

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Directorate for Evaluation and Accreditation
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